Colin has enjoyed a successful and lucrative career as a sales agent using selling techniques that can work for you as well as they have done for him.


Top In Direct Selling


Colin started in sales at Kirby of Scott & Fetzer, a Fortune 500 Company, manufacturing and selling high end vacuum cleaners. It is one of the hardest sales challenges possible: door-to-door with a very high priced product that every household already has, and requiring a 3 hour demonstration. Colin became an immediate success by becoming a top dealer every month earning about $15,000 per month as a 21-year old.


Immediate sales impact in real estate


Colin’s venture into the real estate market had an equally impressive start. One month into his work at Dennis Wee Realty his superior sales performance persuaded Dr. Dennis Wee, a man that Colin respects highly & whose genuine success influenced him greatly, to accept his request for an advance to buy a car. How many other agents would make such a bold request and have it granted?


Achievement in Project Marketing and Resale


With only 8 months left to the end of the year on joining JM Sidlee, he went on to become the company’s No. 2 top producer in both the local and the international property arena, selling as much as 50% of some developments single-handedly. He continued to be a Top Producer with the company until being offered a management position.



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