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APE is a business suite that helps real estate agents work less and spend less but earn more! APE is packed with all the necessary tools, features and benefits to help you market your properties. A virtual assistant will help you post listings on all the major real estate portals and deal with many other simple but time consuming chores. Leaving you free to get on selling and making money. 


APE is worth more than $10,000 but the services are available in packages starting from only $800 per year! That’s only $2.20 a day!


Singapore Real Estate Trainer, Property Trainer


Here’s what APE provides you in detail:


Marketing & Lead Generation
Provide bank referral business

Help with recruitment for team leaders

Many new developments of Far East Organization, those marketed by Huttons and ERA and

more are uploaded onto the realtors’ personal website!


Customer Relationship Management
Sort and Organise Leads

A platform to remind all parties of 1st and 2nd Appointments

Reminders on Option to Purchase exercise dateline

A platform to maintain quality relationship with database of clients, realtors etc.


Integrated SMS Platform
Automated Address Book that organises contact info, recognises duplicates and genuine

mobile numbers

Automated birthday reminders

Integrated sms system for continuous marketing

Able to send sms with customised sender names or numbers

Able to send sms to all active realtors specialising in different areas. (This data is refreshed every 2 weeks to ensure that your sms is sent to very active agents only.)
All sms can be scheduled for up to 2 years!
Sms are guaranteed delivery!


Traffic Generation
APE collaborates with Iproperty to provide increased traffic!
ColinTan provides training to subscribers on traffic generation to their websites.


Training and Coaching
ColinTan constantly provides tips to subscribers through APE to help improve their business. No other web-based service has the #1 trainer giving you constant guidance and training!


Web Services
Realtors are provided with a dynamic website that is fully customizable and constantly upgraded by, full-time of designers and programmers, based on customer feedback.
Websites are pumped full of genuine listings through our Sharing Mode.
Realtors can determine what properties of other agents they allow to be shown on their site for sharing.
Realtors’ site automatically has most of the recent new development launches in the market uploaded and updated constantly.
Realtors’ site has a professional Home Loan Calculator for visitors to calculate their own loans.


Find out more about APE services here and contact Tyson Cung now for a preview of the Most Powerful real estate agent business system in Singapore!


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