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Singapore Real Estate Trainer, Property Trainer 1 Colin Tan is widely recognised as the top real estate sales trainer in Singapore and his success rate makes him a world class trainer.
Colin started ColinTan Training International after 11 successful years as a real estate agent. He had cut his teeth direct selling Kirby vacuum cleaners before embarking on an enriching career as a real estate agent. Colin knows exactly what it is like to start at the bottom of the business and his drive and natural aptitude for sales led him to develop a number of methodologies and techniques that brought huge success over the years.

Colin’s motives are simple: too many agents are stuck in a rut with little support to help them break out and find success. Colin knows that real estate can be an incredible opportunity for people to generate significant wealth and use it become a blessing to their families and loved ones, and he has the way for agents to dramatically improve their lives. 



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